At the Jazz Institute Berlin the Swedish pianist Povel Widestrand, Danish bass player Mathias Jensen and German/Nigerian drummer Lukas Akintaya started playing together and formed the HOLON Trio in early 2014.

”A holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. A cell for instance is a whole for itself, but also a part of an organ, which again is a part of an extensive whole.”

The music is playful and intricate, but open so that each musician can express their ideas freely. The meaning of the name HOLON describes the musical ideal that the musicians strive for.

All members contribute with their own compositions, each one an excerpt from their individual musical personality. This results in a both colorful and innovative musical program. The musical interplay, the original compositions, and the interaction between stage and audience contributes to the experience that they are eager to share. The trio is prize winner at the European Young Artists’ Jazz Award Burghausen in 2015.

The trio and it’s members are since 2014 fellows of the YEHUDI MENUHIN Live Music Now Berlin e.V.

HOLON Trio’s debut album was released in March 2016 on Mons Records. Wolf Kampmann (Jazzthing) wrote this about the album:

”…What makes this CD special is the feeling of intimacy and trust. The trio allows the listener to be right there in it, letting the music fow through them.”

Povel Widestrand (Piano)

The swedish pianist Povel Widestrand has a part in the european jazz scene. After taking classical lessons, he went to music high school and resites since 2012 in Berlin. Povel has won prices for his compositions (SKAPs composition price) and has played with various projects from Umeå to Sri Lanka.

Lukas Akintaya (Drums)

After fve years of classical training the German/Nigerian drummer discovered jazz at the age of 14. Since then he’s playing in projects related to improvisation. Between 2011 and 2013 he studied with prof. Wolfgang Ekholt in Bremen. Since autumn 2013 he’s a student at the Jazz Institute Berlin with prof. John Hollenbeck as his main teacher. Lukas has an active role on the german jazz scene, and he’s collaborated with projects europe-wide.

Mathias Højgaard Jensen (Bass)

The Copenhagen born Bassist Mathias Jensen started early in music school and spent two years at Fridhems Folkhögskola in Sweden, an acclaimed school for improvised music. Since 2013 he is studying in Berlin with prof. Greg Cohen as his main teacher. He is an in demand jazz musician and is very active in the Berlin jazz scene.

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